Jesika, A Vet Tech in Training

Every day is a learning opportunity at Lifetime Animal Center. As a vet tech student, hands-on learning is greatly valued. Having the opportunity to volunteer at this clinic means so much to me. Being able to run blood work and prep for surgeries only gets me more excited for my future career as a registered veterinary technician. Seeing all different types of animals, ranging from the smallest of exotics to the largest of bovine, is a great learning experience.

I would have to say that listening to the way the doctors and staff talk to clients and inform them about their animal’s/animals’ health and diagnosis had to me the most interesting. The knowledge that these people hold is astounding. Just thinking about how I am on the road to learning all the techniques and tricks of the trade is amazing. It’s one thing to read and watch videos about handling and caring for different types of animals, but to actually get to see it in person and help is so much more helpful. I believe that the best way to learn how to do anything is to physically do it; you know the phrase, “practice makes perfect!”

I would like to thank Dr. Barry, Dr. Keairnes, and the entire staff of Lifetime Animal Center for taking time to answer my questions and show me new skills. I have much respect for everyone and their roll in running this clinic. They are truly what make Lifetime Animal Center a perfect place to learn.

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